Best Condom Sizes Guide

Pick the best condom that fits yourself!

Hi, my name is Eric. If you are looking at this site, you probably found that the current condom that you are using doesn’t really fit you. It is a bit annoying and uncomfortable so you can’t fully enjoy the pleasant of sex. I understand that feeling because I encountered the same situation before. Regular condoms only designed for majority of people but not everyone of us that’s why I have created this self-help condom sizes guide here to help people like you to find the perfect condom easier.


Why Condom Sizes Matter?

Most people wear condoms because they want to avoid pregnancy or have safe sex, both are top concerns. That’s why condom size is really important, there are some common situations here:

  • too tight: uncomfortable feeling or lead to breakage
  • too loose: easy to slip or lead to leakage
  • too short: penis not fully protected since not enough length
  • too long: condom bunch up at the base

Both of the above situation may lead to your sperm leak out or potentially direct contact with your partner’s skin or fluid which lead to STDs infection, therefore a right size condom not only give you a more comfortable feeling but also give you a safer sex and make the condom more effective.

Condom Sizes You Can Find

Condom sizes varies brand by brand but basically it divides into four types:

  • Snugger fit (smaller sizes)
  • Regular fit
  • Large
  • Extra-Large

So based on the sizes, after you have tried out regular fit condoms for a few times, you should get an idea whether basic size condoms fits you.  If you feel the sizes doesn’t fit, you should start looking for another size condom for your next sexual intercourse to get the best experience.


What Size Should You Wear?

So now you know you need to look for an alternative but there are so many different condoms and brands out there, what is the best approach to find the best one for yourself? I have suggested two ways to do it:

Quick Pick: Since condom is stretchy and extendable, sometimes you might not need to really get the exact figures to find the perfect one. If you want to have a quick reference, for example, if you feel the current condom is too loose for you, look at the below top picks snugger fit condoms that I recommend for you and try those out yourself. Those are condoms with best reviews from users, you can’t go wrong with it.

Detail Pick: To pick the best fit, first you need to know your penis size. If you not sure how to do it, you should  read the how to measure your penis length and girth correctly article first and make a measurement yourself. And from your figures, then you can refer to the condom sizes chart to find the best fit as I have already done the research for you and listed out all the specs for each type of condoms.

Top Choices Snugger Fit Condoms

1) Okamoto Beyond Seven

Okamoto beyond seven condom

Made by Japan manufacturer Okamoto with an advanced material called Sheerlon (latex), which makes it thin, strong and yet durable. This condom is a tight fit with light blue tinted color and lightly lubricated. With great sensitivity feeling and affordable price, this is our top pick snugger fit condom!


2) Caution Wear Iron Grip

Caution Wear Iron Grip condomThis works well if you are those small guys and have trouble finding a tighter or smaller size condom. As its name suggest, “Iron Grip”, it really serves the purpose and you don’t need to worry about any slippage again. Considering that the price is fairly cheap, it is highly recommended to all guys that have smaller than average penis.


Top Choices Regular Fit Condoms

1) Lifestyles SKYN

Best non-lLifestyles SKYN condomatex condom available on the market which is ideal for those people who is allergy to latex. The material is Polyisoprene which provides a softer and a more natural feeling plus it is odor free so once you try this out you might not switch back to traditional latex condoms. This is also very reliable and not easy to break.


2)  Durex Extra Sensitive

Durex extra sensitiveDo you hate wearing a condom? If so, you should definitely give this a go as it might completely change your mind because this thinnest Durex condom will make you forget you are actually wearing it plus it has great heat transfer. This is perfect for all the average-size guy and you should always have one in your pocket.


Top Choices Large Condoms

1) Trojan Magnum

Trojan Magnum CondomsA lot of people experienced discomfort or breakage during sex. This is probably the condom you are using is too small for you. If you think that regular condoms are too tight then this slightly larger condom might be a good fit for you. Extra room means better comfort. This is the condom you are looking for if you are larger than average size.


2) Lifestyles SKYN Large

Lifestyles SKYN large condomSame as the standard size SKYN but larger version. This Polyisoprene (non-latex) condom will give you and your partner extra comfort and extra enjoyment. No bad latex smell. The size is slightly larger than regular condoms which suitable for people that require slightly above average length or girth.


Top Choices Extra-Large Condoms

1) Trojan Magnum XL

Trojan Magnum XL condomThis is Trojan’s signature XL size condom which has been on the market for a lot of years. Fits perfectly for longer and thicker shaft. Special reservoir end for extra safety. Highly recommended for those who have big guns.



2) Trustex Extra Large

Trustex Extra Large CondomMost condoms are tapered at the base to avoid slip off, but this Trustex condom is flat width from top to base with no tapering,  so it won’t block your orgasm. It is also very thin and strong, you can truly enjoy your sex with your partner using this XL condom if you find other sizes doesn’t fit you.